To enhance the availability of evidence-based mental health treatments for traumatized individuals in North Dakota through implementing results-driven therapy and building a multidisciplinary collaborative network across the region.


TCTY utilizes a Learning Collaborative approach to disseminate evidence-based mental health services for traumatized youth and their families. Research supports the use of a Learning Collaborative model to circulate treatments. Additionally, our training team believes that this model is the most effective means to promote successful implementation, adoption, and spread of evidenced-based practices.

What is a Learning Collaborative?

How We Do It


We conduct and facilitate trainings on trauma-specific and evidence-based treatments using the learning collaborative model. We have trained clinicians in several models over the years such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), structured psychotherapy for adolescents residing in chronic stress (SPARCS), alternatives for families cognitive behavioral therapy (AF-CBT), and honoring children and mending circles (HC-MC) TF-CBT.

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How We Do It


We developed a statewide roster of clinicians to help connect professionals and families to those trained in trauma-specific and evidence-based treatments. These clinicians are trained and practice data-driven mental health treatments for children and adults who have experienced traumatic life events.

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How We Do It


Our learning collaborative trainings and statewide network connects clinicians in our region. TCTY aims to support these clinicians through workshops, resources, and consultation.

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How We Do It


TCTY is committed to sustaining the practice of trauma-specific, proven-to-work mental health treatments in North Dakota. Evaluation is critical to implementing and sustaining these treatments, which is why we collect data and evaluate outcomes.

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